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We have a very good selection of new model railways from Hornby, Bachmann, Heljan and Dapol in OO gauge and from Graham Farish, Dapol and PECO in N gauge. We also have a complete range of Peco and Hornby model railways track in OO and N gauge. 

As DCC becomes more popular for model railways, we have on this site and in our store many digital hornby and bachmann locomotives to choose from, which are either DCC ready (just plug a decoder in), or DCC fitted (decoder is already on board), There is also a good selection of hornby and bachmann locomotives, steam and diesel fitted with sound. You will find a range of DCC decoders and other dcc accessories from Hornby, Bachmann, Gaugemaster and DCC Concepts.

For more information email us on sales@modelrailwaystore.net